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Service Notes from our Service Department:
As the seasons change so do our equipment needs, which means possible lay up periods longer than todays fuel quality can withstand. Many manufacturers recognize this problem and recommend that equipment not only be drained of their fuel supply but also remember to run the machine so that the last bit of fuel still in the system can be allowed to burn off before storing. Fuel that is more than 30 days old is considered "stale" or otherwise unusable due to various chemical and octane breakdowns. This holds true whether the fuel is in your equipment or in your gas can. We have the new Stihl Moto-Mix which has a shelf life of up to 2 years once opened. This will also make a great storage fuel when Equipment is not being used. Come in and ask us about it. Please dispose of any old or unwanted fuel properly*. As always a proactive approach to equipment maintenance is far less costly and time consuming than that of the alternative, which makes now a great time to bring in your equipment for all the needed services they require. Then relax knowing that your equipment will be ready when you are to get even the toughest jobs done . 

*Improper disposal of fuel is not only illegal in all states but is environmentally irresponsible. Please check with your local garbage service for information and location for correct disposal. Or local residents may dispose of fuel at the following location:

Devlin Road Transfer Station
889 Devlin rd.
American Canyon, CA.
Call (707) 258-9018 for directions
to their hazardous waste disposal site,
hours of operation and limitations.